How to Transition your Office into a Paperless One

Every year offices spend more money in archiving, disposing, and storing paper products. Paper is a culprit of sacrificing the Earth’s resources and a junky and cluttered office! Several offices have started to convert into a paperless office that uses electronic and ‘virtual’ forms of storage to reduce paper usage and to become more organized. Here are tips to start the transition, and bring your office out from the piles of paper it currently is lost under. Use electronic archiving: Depending on your current office and their archiving process of important papers and documents, different methods will work better. Instead of storing papers in filing cabinets and storage rooms, start having… Read MoreHow to Transition your Office into a Paperless One »

What a Bargain

It’s not very often that I snare a bargain but I can very enthusiastically say that this time, I did. My HP printer, copier, scanner had been playing up for months. It was a sad saga of frustration, rage and near violence. Yes, I admit it, I very nearly threw it out the window: before the window was opened. Every time I tried to print something out, I had problems. I’d go through the procedure, File, Print, get the box up, tell it how many pages to print, what size to print and GO! Nothing! I’d wait. And wait, watching the flashing light on the printer telling me it was… Read MoreWhat a Bargain »

MakerBot Replicator 2 Desktop – 3D Printer For Bed Surface

MakerBot Replicator 2 Desktop 3D Printer is a very impressive printer as it has a couple of features that have been highly rated by its users. The fact that it is a fast and affordable 3D printer which can be used to make professional quality objects and models makes it great to use by anyone looking to 3D print for fun, or to even make a business out of it. Additionally, operating this particular printer requires little to no knowledge on 3D printing before purchasing one, as users can learn everything from the manual as the instructions are very well explained and not hard to understand at all. Additionally, the… Read MoreMakerBot Replicator 2 Desktop – 3D Printer For Bed Surface »

Atom 330 Dual Core Review

  • James13 
Atom 330 dual core processors are made by Intel, and are basically two of the single Diamondville N270 cores. They are often found in nettops, where power consumption is of little priority, but they pop up in netbooks just as well. Whether they’re worth it or not is up to your own decision. An Atom 330 is basically two N270 cores slapped together in the same package, which means there is two of everything. There are two 26mm2 die size 47 million transistor computing cores clocked at 1.6GHz, 512 KB L2 cache per core, and 2.5W TDP per core as well. The total construction consumes 5 watts under typical heavy… Read MoreAtom 330 Dual Core Review »

Brother MFC-5890CN A3 Printer – A Cheap All-Rounder

Brother releasing MFC-5890CN has achieved something quite remarkable with its. Everything needed in the small office is in this printer, A3, A4 printing, scanning and fax functionalities as well. A3 scanning was left out so if you’d like to do that often, the bigger version of the model is a better choice. Quite a multi-purpose machine, as it prints in both B&W and color modes too. The unit itself can be called compact, but that doesn’t mean you can put it into your backpack after work. It’s just smaller than similar printers with similar capabilities on the market, and I have to say there are not that many that can… Read MoreBrother MFC-5890CN A3 Printer – A Cheap All-Rounder »