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Wireless Printer Routers – How to Setup

In this guide I’ll show you how to setup most typical wireless printer routers. Wireless networks and wireless printer routers provide users with many options including being able to print to a wireless printer in another room without all the long  network cables. Wireless printer routers may be set up in a central location making it easy for all users to access the wireless printer on its own or through a wireless printer router.

Once the setup is complete you can then access and print to the wireless printer. Running a WLAN or a Wireless Local Area Network requires a strong encryption like Wi-Fi Protected Access or WPA2. Wireless printer routers have become a popular way to eliminate all the cables and share one central printer over the entire network.

Components Needed:

– Wireless computer or computer connected to wireless router
– Wireless printer router
– Printer software
– USB cables
– Wireless printer

Step 1

Once the user has already setup a wireless network with his or her existing wireless access point or wireless router, setting up the wireless printer router can be done easily. Once the wireless printer has been unpacked and assembled, proceed to the installation of the printer software on any computer on the wireless network. Most wireless printers will include proprietary software including the drivers.  Insert the disc that came with your wireless printer and run the setup.exe program.

Step 2

To set up wireless printing most wireless printer routers will usually require connecting the wireless printer temporarily to the wireless printer router with the Ethernet cable that came with it. After Setup has finished the installation of the software, click on ‘Finish’.  Lastly, click on ‘Print Test Page’. When the wireless printer prints the test page, click on ‘OK’.

Step 3

To connect a wireless printer to typical wireless printer routers in most cases you will use the included software or your internet browser too access the wireless printers settings. You will need to configure your wireless printer to connect to your wireless printer routers SSID through the wireless printer routers settings. Most wireless printer routers allow access to the the SSID settings via your web browser.  This is required in order to tell the wireless printer which network it is supposed to join.

Step 4

Disconnect the cable of the Ethernet from the printer and then launch the Wireless Setup Wizard.  Once the printer detects the wireless network, its SSID or Service Set Identifier or network name is displayed. The SSID or network name may be found in the settings of the wireless printer router. If the wireless printer is unable to detect the WLAN then you will most likely need to enable on the broadcast feature of the SSID which is controlled by most wireless printer routers as well.

Step 5

According to www.bestnetworkinghardware.com, since your Internet Service Provider assigns a global IP address to the wireless printer router that you are using, you will need to enter the password and the username in order to access the settings of the router. This URL is usually  Typically wireless printer routers will use encryption by default but be sure to check this feature and make sure it is enabled for security.  The type of encryption used by your wireless network is located in the router’s settings together with the shared key or the passphrase.

Step 6

If the wireless printer is unable to locate the wireless network even after having manually typed in the SSID, it may need to be moved nearer to the wireless printer router or the wireless printer’s IP address may need to be added to the Media Access Control or MAC address filtering list of the wireless printer router.

Step 7

Once the wireless printer has been successfully and wirelessly connected to the wireless neteork, try to print a test page again and then upon re-enabling the anti-virus software in the computer system, try printing another test page.
Not all wireless printer routers are the same.  Make sure the wireless router you choose has all the features you will require and the latest wireless technology.  There is a wide selection of wireless printer routers available on the market covering every feature in a wide range of prices.

What is the best Bluetooth Headset – A Buying Guide

A Bluetooth headset can literally save your life. The wireless technology used by these devices will help you keep your hands free while still talking on the phone. The best bluetooth headsets 2019 UK will allow you to stay connected not only to the phone but also to all the other gadgets which have a wireless connection. You can even listen on the audio on your camcorder via Bluetooth.

Despite all headsets having to use the same technology, some differences set the best apart from all the others. In order to help you decide which product is worth investing in, we’ve decided to put together a short buying guide, filled with information gathered in order to answer our reader’s most commonly asked questions.

How to find out if your phone is bluetooth compatible?

There are actually very few phones which don’t have Bluetooth. It was a very long time ago when this technology made its way into the pockets of mobile phone users. Even though it was mainly used for data transfer, it now plays an important role in the life of many people who conduct their business via phone. Not only that but it also allows you to actually do something else while talking, thus sparing you a lot of time with a minimum investment.

In order to find out if your phone is Bluetooth compatible find the blue icon with the butterfly-like logo. If you can turn that on you are good to go. Remember though that even the best Bluetooth headsets drain your batter pretty fast. We recommend getting the Jabra WAVE Bluetooth Headset. For more information check out the reviews below.

What type of Bluetooth headset should you get?

According to all Smashdlabs.co, there are two types of such accessories currently sold on the market. First off there is the mono Bluetooth headset which is composed of a single earpiece and it is destined for calls only. Secondly there is the stereo Bluetooth which can also be used as a set of normal headphones which will allow you to both play music and take calls. Some newer Bluetooth headsets even connect to your GPS which will allow you to follow verbal directions without having to look at your phone. We recommend getting the LG Electronics Tone+ HBS-730. For more information check out the reviews below.

How do you know which headset is more comfortable?

There are several designs for you to choose from. Some may fit, others may be too small. We recommend getting normal in ear buds over ear-hook mono headsets which can be quite annoying after a while.

How much should you spend on a bluetooth headset?

Don’t go over the top with the headset. We recommend investing more in stereo sets considering they will also be used as headphones. This will allow you to listen to music not only talk on your phone.  A decent Bluetooth stereo headset will cost under $100.

Is it difficult to connect my Bluetooth headset to my phone?

It should be easy to connect the two. Push the ON button on your Bluetooth headset and then turn the Bluetooth on your phone. It should be able to detect any device within a certain range.

Inkjet Printers and Your Wallet

How much should you pay for an inkjet printer? What inkjet printer is the best? There are no easy answers to these questions. Much will depend on what brand you buy, what you intend to print and even where you buy it.

Four major companies supplies the majority of inkjet printers on the store shelves today. Canon, Lexmark, Epson and HP (Hewlett-Packard) have perfected the art of inkjet printing. They all have low end models priced from $50 to $149, middle of the pack models priced from $150 to $349 and highend models that can range from $350 and up. Some are stand alone (printers only) and some are multifunction – often referred to as all-in-one (typically space saving with a printer, fax machine and copier combined into one unit).

HP inkjet printers are typically rated to be a good all around choice. Text printing as well as photo printing is considered good and the cost of operation is acceptable.

Personally I like my stand alone HP inkjet printers (I have purchased several Deskjet models) with the bottom paper tray. Envelopes and labels are easy to align and the paper does not curl if not used quickly. I can fit it into a smaller space. My refill inkjet cartridges cost on average $25 for black and $40 for color and for around $60 I can buy a combo pack.

A lesson learned that saves money on replacement ink cartridges is to ignore the ink level indicator as it shows the ink levels getting very low. Many pages of black text can be printed without any degrigation even after the indicator shows empty and after the “low” ink warning pop up on the monitor. Have a new cartridge on hand however, because the ink will eventually run out and it will always happen suddenly. The same goes for the color cartridges except they tend to start changing the colors in the photo before they just give out completely. I have tried to refill cartridges myself – also to save money – but I prefer to just buy them pre-filled.

Epson printers are considered to be good quality photo printers. Epson typically uses the “fixed-head” technology which simply means that the print head is not part of the ink cartridge. It allows for higher quality printing and accurate ink placement on the paper. The upside of this design is lower cost ink cartridges and the downside is that if the print head is damaged it will cost more to replace it. Some Epson inks are rated to last for 100 years or longer and some Epson printers can print a photo as large as 13″ x 19″ compared to most inkjet printers that can only print as large as a standard or legal size sheet of paper.

Low cost printers are synonymous with low quality printing results. Canon’s entry-level inkjet printers can withstand some scrutiny due to their text printing. Canon is also a good choice for small compact and somewhat portable models. My experience with such a printer was good. The expensive part was the ink cartridges. Since I did not use the printer for everyday printing the ink tended to dry out even when I removed the opened cartridge and stored it in the container meant for such a purpose.

Every inkjet printer has upsides and downsides. The cost of the consumables (ink cartridges) is one of the largest expenses experienced after the initial purchase of the printer itself. But that it not the only extra expense encountered. Most brick and mortar stores as well as online stores do not include the USB cable need to attach your inkjet printer to your computer. A USB cable can cost anywhere between $5 to over $30. So my advice is to keep your USB cable once you dispose of your old printer.

When you shop for an inkjet printer keep in mind what you want to print. If you just print text that does not have to be top quality you can go for a low-end, low-cost printer. But if you need higher quality text and an occasional photo printed spend more on the printer. If you print a lot of photos spend the extra money to get a printer highly rated for photo printing. If you need to save space and need the ability to print, copy and fax you may want an all-in-one inkjet printer. In any case, the re-fill ink cartridges will eventually be your biggest ongoing expense.

Epson Direct CD Printing Guide For Beginner

Nowadays many companies that produce photo printers supplement these devices with a very useful feature such as direct CD printing. Thus a great number of models of ink-jet printers come with the ability to print images on a CD surface that has a special covering. Such CDs or DVDs are called the printable ones.

It should be noted that the method of CD/DVD printing gives them an inimitable individuality. Such discs with a printed image on them look very presentable and informative. It is one of he best ways personalize the user’s photos, video or music.

Epson being one of such companies offers its customers direct CD/DVD printing. The EPSON Print CD software that comes with EPSON photo printers allows printing your favorite images on CD/DVD. After the creation of your image for a CD, you can print it out on the CD with 12 or 8 cm diameter.

CD Printing Guide

· Use only such CD/DVDs that are specially designed for printing. Usually they have the following indications: “Printable on the label surface” or “Printable with ink jet printers”.

· As opposed to printing on a special Epson paper, images on CD/DVD are printed with less saturated colors.

· Print out images on CD/DVD only after data record. In other case fingerprints, scratches or dust on a disc surface may cause write error.

· If you are going to print out a great number of compact discs, first you should print images on several unnecessary discs and then check the result of the printed surface the next day.

· Do not use CDs and do not touch the printed surface, till it dries out completely. Do not dry the printed CD/DVD by the bright sunlight.

· If the printed surface remains sticky after drying, it may be that the colors are excessively saturated. In this case you should lower the color saturation in EPSON Print CD.

· Ingress of moisture on the printed surface may cause the color smearing.

· The repeated printing on a compact-disc will not necessarily improve the quality of printing.

· Depending on the type of compact-disc and color saturation the image may become smudged.

· With the help of EPSON Print CD you may adjust the printing area on a compact-disc. Adjust the area of printing in such a way, so it coincides with the print area of a compact-disc that you are going to use. Wrong adjustments may stain the disc tray or a compact-disc.

Printer Covers Are Essential For Extended Printer Life

Why Should You Use Printer Covers?

If you operate computer equipment like work stations or printers in a dusty work area , you should be aware of the hazards caused by dust. Dust sticks to every surface until it clogs up cooling vents and coats electronics in a blanket of insulation , causing them to overheat and possibly even fail. You’ve taken steps to protect your company’s computers, but when a good laser printer costs $500 or more, don’t neglect dust protection for your other equipment. Printer dust covers come in a number of different styles based on your needs and the severity of the dust problem.

Vinyl Covers

Anti-static Vinyl printer dust covers are the smooth, waterproof slip covers that are available in several different colors and can be used to protect your printers when they are not in use . These are the least expensive printer covers, but must be taken off for access each time the printer is used. This makes them inconvenient for frequent-use printers. Vinyl covers may be all you need for a printer in a dusty environment that is not used often, as long as you remember to put it back on after using the printer.

Breathable Dust Covers

Companies like Computer Dust Solutions, Amazon, BestBuy sell a breathable non-woven polyester dust cover for all kinds of computer equipment including inkjet or laser printers. These products are designed to remain installed 24 hours per day, seven days a week , eliminating the necessity of remembering to reinstall the covers at the end of each workday when it’s time to shut the shop down. These breathable polyester “mesh” dust covers act as filters for the cooling fans in CPUs, printers and monitors to keep dust out.

Don’t Neglect Dust Protection

Dust buildup inside printer or computer cases is invisible to users. So, it is easy to forget about cleaning and dust protection until equipment overheats and/or breaks down. Prevent headaches in the future by getting in the habit of using printer covers today.