How to Transition your Office into a Paperless One

Every year offices spend more money in archiving, disposing, and storing paper products. Paper is a culprit of sacrificing the Earth’s resources and a junky and cluttered office! Several offices have started to convert into a paperless office that uses electronic and ‘virtual’ forms of storage to reduce paper usage and to become more organized. Here are tips to start the transition, and bring your office out from the piles of paper it currently is lost under. Use electronic archiving: Depending on your current office and their archiving process of important papers and documents, different methods will work better. Instead of storing papers in filing cabinets and storage rooms, start having… Read MoreHow to Transition your Office into a Paperless One »

What a Bargain

It’s not very often that I snare a bargain but I can very enthusiastically say that this time, I did. My HP printer, copier, scanner had been playing up for months. It was a sad saga of frustration, rage and near violence. Yes, I admit it, I very nearly threw it out the window: before the window was opened. Every time I tried to print something out, I had problems. I’d go through the procedure, File, Print, get the box up, tell it how many pages to print, what size to print and GO! Nothing! I’d wait. And wait, watching the flashing light on the printer telling me it was… Read MoreWhat a Bargain »

3D Printers: What is the hype about?

The world of technology and science is expanding and changing exponentially. Futuristic inventions that were talked about for generations have arrived. Telephones you could carry around with you, computers in every home, and the ability to see your family when you talked to them on the phone. That future has arrived, and the things of science fiction are a reality. Printers have evolved from the mimeograph machine, with a roller and purple ink, to electric copiers, with black ink that didn’t smell funny. Now they collate, staple, print photographs and send faxes. Enter the world of 3D printers and pens. No paper or ink required. What is 3D printing? In… Read More3D Printers: What is the hype about? »

The Different Types of Printers

What I’m going to introduce is the different types of computer printers for home use. If we have computers, then most likely, we also have printers connected to our computers. Sometimes, it is packaged with the PCs we buy but sometimes, we just buy one because we know we are going to need it. Printers either use laser or inks. Laser printers are much more expensive than inkjet printers but they are much faster and ideal for business use. In most homes and offices, inkjet printers are what are typically used. Laser printers have two kinds of printing method, the monochrome (black and white) and the colored. Some laser printers… Read MoreThe Different Types of Printers »

Wireless Printer Routers – How to Setup

  • James13 
In this guide I’ll show you how to setup most typical wireless printer routers. Wireless networks and wireless printer routers provide users with many options including being able to print to a wireless printer in another room without all the long  network cables. Wireless printer routers may be set up in a central location making it easy for all users to access the wireless printer on its own or through a wireless printer router. Once the setup is complete you can then access and print to the wireless printer. Running a WLAN or a Wireless Local Area Network requires a strong encryption like Wi-Fi Protected Access or WPA2. Wireless printer routers have become a popular way… Read MoreWireless Printer Routers – How to Setup »