Epson Direct CD Printing Guide For Beginner

Nowadays many companies that produce photo printers supplement these devices with a very useful feature such as direct CD printing. Thus a great number of models of ink-jet printers come with the ability to print images on a CD surface that has a special covering. Such CDs or DVDs are called the printable ones.

It should be noted that the method of CD/DVD printing gives them an inimitable individuality. Such discs with a printed image on them look very presentable and informative. It is one of he best ways personalize the user’s photos, video or music.

Epson being one of such companies offers its customers direct CD/DVD printing. The EPSON Print CD software that comes with EPSON photo printers allows printing your favorite images on CD/DVD. After the creation of your image for a CD, you can print it out on the CD with 12 or 8 cm diameter.

CD Printing Guide

· Use only such CD/DVDs that are specially designed for printing. Usually they have the following indications: “Printable on the label surface” or “Printable with ink jet printers”.

· As opposed to printing on a special Epson paper, images on CD/DVD are printed with less saturated colors.

· Print out images on CD/DVD only after data record. In other case fingerprints, scratches or dust on a disc surface may cause write error.

· If you are going to print out a great number of compact discs, first you should print images on several unnecessary discs and then check the result of the printed surface the next day.

· Do not use CDs and do not touch the printed surface, till it dries out completely. Do not dry the printed CD/DVD by the bright sunlight.

· If the printed surface remains sticky after drying, it may be that the colors are excessively saturated. In this case you should lower the color saturation in EPSON Print CD.

· Ingress of moisture on the printed surface may cause the color smearing.

· The repeated printing on a compact-disc will not necessarily improve the quality of printing.

· Depending on the type of compact-disc and color saturation the image may become smudged.

· With the help of EPSON Print CD you may adjust the printing area on a compact-disc. Adjust the area of printing in such a way, so it coincides with the print area of a compact-disc that you are going to use. Wrong adjustments may stain the disc tray or a compact-disc.

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