HP Printer Paper Review – Get Highest Quality Printing Output

Using the correct HP printer paper for your project allows increases, the quality of printed materials and reduces the cost of printing documents. Selecting paper that matches your printer type is one of the most important choices you make.

Ink jet printers spray ink onto the page, which requires a paper that absorbs the ink properly. Too little absorption can cause the ink to dry too slowly and result in smears. Too much absorption can cause the ink to take on a fuzzy look.

Laser printers use heat to set the toner on the paper and the paper you use must be able to withstand the process if you want high quality printing. Using paper that is not designed for laser printers can damage both the paper and the printer resulting in a lack of quality and increased maintenance costs for your printer. HP LaserJet printer paper has a smooth surface that allows toner to bond properly with the paper. It is designed to control static and remain stable when heated by the printer. These characteristics ensure good image transfer and fusing, minimize paper curl and ensure reliable printer operation.

HP printer photo paper is designed to produce high quality prints with true color that are as good as traditional photographs produced by a photo lab. Photo paper also comes in a wide variety of sizes, thicknesses and finishes that ensure high quality photo prints.

HP paper for photos is available in four different finishes that range from matte to extremely glossy. Matte paper works well for printing black and white photos as well as reprinting vintage-look photos. Semi-glass paper is an excellent choice for printing photos from email or the Internet. Gloss papers produce high quality ink jet printed photos that produces the look and feel of traditional photographs. These papers are designed to be less absorbent which gives your photos a sharp, crisp finish. Higher gloss papers are the least absorbent but also take the longest to dry.

HP photo paper comes in a variety of sizes. For traditional size photographic printer, you can choose 4” x 6” paper, which is available with or with tabs. Panoramic photo paper is also available in 4” x 12” inch sheets. This paper can be used to print beautiful panoramic photos such as landscapes and tropical sunsets. Letter size paper works well for brochures and product sheets. If you are making enlargements, you can choose the 13” x 19” paper. Posters, calendars and larger size brochures can be produced with 11” x 17” paper.

HP printer paper is designed to give the highest quality printing available. By selecting the appropriate paper for your printer type and printing requirements, you can maximize the quality of your printed product.

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