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Printer Covers Are Essential For Extended Printer Life

Why Should You Use Printer Covers?

If you operate computer equipment like work stations or printers in a dusty work area , you should be aware of the hazards caused by dust. Dust sticks to every surface until it clogs up cooling vents and coats electronics in a blanket of insulation , causing them to overheat and possibly even fail. You’ve taken steps to protect your company’s computers, but when a good laser printer costs $500 or more, don’t neglect dust protection for your other equipment. Printer dust covers come in a number of different styles based on your needs and the severity of the dust problem.

Vinyl Covers

Anti-static Vinyl printer dust covers are the smooth, waterproof slip covers that are available in several different colors and can be used to protect your printers when they are not in use . These are the least expensive printer covers, but must be taken off for access each time the printer is used. This makes them inconvenient for frequent-use printers. Vinyl covers may be all you need for a printer in a dusty environment that is not used often, as long as you remember to put it back on after using the printer.

Breathable Dust Covers

Companies like Computer Dust Solutions, Amazon, BestBuy sell a breathable non-woven polyester dust cover for all kinds of computer equipment including inkjet or laser printers. These products are designed to remain installed 24 hours per day, seven days a week , eliminating the necessity of remembering to reinstall the covers at the end of each workday when it’s time to shut the shop down. These breathable polyester “mesh” dust covers act as filters for the cooling fans in CPUs, printers and monitors to keep dust out.

Don’t Neglect Dust Protection

Dust buildup inside printer or computer cases is invisible to users. So, it is easy to forget about cleaning and dust protection until equipment overheats and/or breaks down. Prevent headaches in the future by getting in the habit of using printer covers today.

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