The Different Types of Printers

What I’m going to introduce is the different types of computer printers for home use. If we have computers, then most likely, we also have printers connected to our computers. Sometimes, it is packaged with the PCs we buy but sometimes, we just buy one because we know we are going to need it.

Printers either use laser or inks. Laser printers are much more expensive than inkjet printers but they are much faster and ideal for business use. In most homes and offices, inkjet printers are what are typically used.

Laser printers have two kinds of printing method, the monochrome (black and white) and the colored. Some laser printers have built-in duplexer for two-sided simultaneous printing capability. Monochrome is ideal for large volume printing and since you are basically going to print texts only with a monochrome printer, it is most ideal for office use. Colored laser printers are also fast but slightly slower than a monochrome laser printer. It is ideal for both business and home use but are basically very expensive. Most of us probably can’t afford it, but there is a cheaper option; the inkjet printer.

Inkjet printers are categorized by home printers and office printers. Office printers will generate you fast printing results while home printers are slower in the printing process. Some brands give you 4 ink printers and some give you 6 ink printers. 4 ink printers are generally ideal for everyone to use. 6 ink printers are probably a better choice if you need to print graphic illustrations and high resolution photographs. 6 ink printers, though, are more expensive than 4 ink printers.

Before buying printers, it is advisable to weigh your options. An inkjet printer may be less expensive but you might experience frequent paper jams, and cartridges can also be very expensive. So if you are printing in large volumes of texts and photos, you might want to consider a laser printer. A laser printer might be more expensive but they are more efficient especially if you are printing in large volumes.

Features of Printers

The cheapest kind of printer is a printer that can be interfaced with the computer but doesn’t have other features.  Without the computer, it won’t function at all.  It can’t function independently and at the same time, it doesn’t have other functions except printing only.

For multi-function printers, they can be interfaced with the computer but they can also perform different function independent from the computer.  There are different kinds of multi-function printers.  One kind of multi-function printer has the scan, photocopy, and printing functions only.  It can be used independently without the computer.  Second kind of multi-function printer has print, scan, photocopy, pictbridge and card reader slots.  And then there is the all-in-one home and business printer.  It has print, scan, photocopy, pictbridge, card reader slots, and fax functions.  Duplexers (for double sided printing) may be built-in or added depending on your printer brand and model.

For laser printers, they don’t have pictbridge and memory card slots.  But you can choose a laser printer that can scan, photocopy, fax, print, and has built-in duplexers.

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