Why You Need A Free Anti Virus Program Like Avast or AVG ??

  • James13 

So many computer systems are infected by viruses and people will never know. Their computer runs slow and just basically starts to drag overtime. Viruses can cause boot up issues, slow performance, and even destroy data. Luckily they make many different types of virus removal software. The hard decision is which one to choose and how does it work?

The best Free Anti-Virus softwares and services for virus removal that I recommend are AVG or Avast. AVG & Avast Free Anti-Virus gets my vote when it comes to removing threats and maintaining my computer. The program is pretty user friendly and does not require a lot of effort. You will need to know a few settings on the board but other than that just about anyone can run it. When you first install it gives you the option to do a full computer scan. You should take advantage of this and get a head start on the virus removal process. It will take some time so try and be patient.

Hopefully once the scan finishes you will be left with the option to reboot your computer. Do this after saving all open projects that you may have minimized. Upon reboot you will notice avg loads up and can be viewed as a small icon in the task bar. This is where you can double click on it to open the program settings up. Once you have it open you will want to look for the update section and ensure that your virus protection is current and up to date. If you let your software get to far out of date your vulnerability rate can increase.

So you should be good to go now. You have a nice clean protected computer and real time anti-virus software that is running in the back ground. A good rule of thumb is to scan your computer at least once a week to ensure that your computer is not re-infected. Many viruses can come in stealthy and have a huge impact on our systems. So please make sure you are protected and remember you never have to pay for an anti-virus there are plenty of free ones out there.

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